I Feel So Good

Happy Easter to those who celebrate! I came home from church a while ago with my older sister Tanisha and my younger sister Christina. It was crowded but also very good. I just finished watching The Passion of Christ. I used to be scared of the movie especially the crucifixion part. Now I'm watching through … Continue reading I Feel So Good


The Art Of Lainey

The Art Of Lainey by Paula Stokes The Art of Lainey is a cute and predictable book. I finished this pretty quick and the ending was quite nice. The novel is about soccer star Lainey Mitchell whose life changes when her boyfriend of 2.5 years Jason breaks up with her. In public! With the help … Continue reading The Art Of Lainey


Winter is gone and Spring is here. Warmer weather, exciting television shows coming back and school is almost done. What are my thoughts about it? Hmm. I don't really know. I mean I'm trying to be optimistic about the summer but every time I get excited about something, things happen and the summer ends up … Continue reading Spring?