Clockwork Princess

Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare 
It’s official. I’m done reading The Infernal Devices trilogy and right now I feel so empty. It was an amazing series and Clockwork Princess does not disappoint. It had action, drama and romance. The book is about how Tessa should be happy about getting engaged to Jem but instead the dangers of Mortmain and The deadly automations are looming. Plus her feelings for Will is getting in the way of certain .

Good things about the book is that there was a lot of character development throughout it. Especially towards Will, Gabriel Lightwood and Tessa. I think these are the characters that went through the most development. We also got to meet Cecily Herondale, the sister of Will. She wasn’t bad. In fact she struck a romance with Gabriel. Besides the fast paced plot and plot twist, many characters got developed.

Bad things about the book was Jessamine’s death. I really wanted her to live so I felt so hurt about her death. Another thing I didn’t really like was that we didn’t get to see enough Sophie in my opinion. The last book I felt like I connected more to her. (But I’m still happy that she’s a shadowhunter and is married to Gideon Lightwood. Another bad thing is when Jem got turned into a Silent Brother. What the fresh hell.

Sad things about the book is Will’s death! Like I literally cried. Will died years later and I know he and Tessa got married, had kids, had grandkids but it still hurt like hell. Will and Tessa was so perfect together and Will was such a good character. I wish I had a man that loved me like Will loved Tessa. In the epilogue Tessa and Jem are together and while I freaking love Jem and I like him and Tessa together, I just prefer Tessa and Will more.

This book was perfect but I wished it didn’t had to end. I’m gonna take months to re read the series again. Now I’m on to The Mortal Instruments series. Hopefully it’s as good as this series ( I doubt it)

4/5  Stars

Read in March 2016

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