Lying Out Loud

Lying out Loud by Kody Keplinger
I hated this book. Like really bad. After reading The Duff, I thought this book would be much better. I was wrong. While The Duff is entertaining,this book was not. I felt like the three main characters were boring and dull. Sonny was irritating and selfish, Ryder was a jackass and not all that and Amy was just there. I wasn’t feeling the romance between Sonny and Ryder. I mean Sonny was really desperate for Ryder’s attention and that made her even more unlikable for me. I found myself bored with the book and I kept wishing that I will be done with this book quick. I did felt bad for Sonny and her home life but that didn’t made it easy for me to like her. I really wished this book was in Amy’s POV and with a whole new storyline. And have a different best friend and different love interest. Also the ending was terrible. Like what the hell?

In Conclusion, I found this book really terrible and boring. I didn’t like The Duff but that book was way better and more entertaining. So I advise you to read that then this.

1/5 Stars

Read in September 2015

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