The Duff

The Duff by Kody Keplinger
I saw the movie before reading the book and I absolutely loved it. So when I started reading the book, I thought it would be exactly like the movie. I was wrong. The whole plot was different and I found myself not liking Bianca as much as I did in the movie. Bella Throne character in the movie did not even exist in the book making me disappointed and I wasn’t in love with Wesley like I was in the movie.

I only really liked the ending of the story when Bianca and Wesley finally start dating but their whole relationship wasn’t all that. Bianca was somewhat unlikable and was a complete bitch to her friends and a total hypocrite. She must have good friends to put up with her constant mood swings. The Book wasn’t badly written but the movie was way better in my opinion. It was also more funnier and had more likable characters.

2/5 Stars

Read in September 2015

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