Clockwork Angel

Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare
This book is really amazing! In the beginning, I found it kinda boring but the more I read, the better it got.

The book is about sixteen year old Tessa Gray that finds out that she’s not exactly human. I love Tessa. She’s a very likeable person. I also love Will and Jem and Jessamine and Charlotte. Actually I liked all the characters except for Nate, Mortmain and The Dark Sisters.

The action and drama was intense and I found myself shipping Tessa/Will despite liking Jem. I felt bad that Tessa had a shitty brother. Nate is totally bad news. This is a prequel to Mortal Instruments series but the characters here are way more likable and interesting. So if you like fantasy and drama, read this!

3/5 Stars

Read in October 2015

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