Since You’ve Been Gone

Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson
The cover of this book is so amazing. Anyway this book was awesome. At first I didn’t really liked it but the more chapters I read, the better it got. The book is about quiet teen girl Emily whose life changes when her best friend Sloane suddenly moves away. All Sloane left her is a to do list to complete and Emily is doing just that with the help of Frank Porter, his best friend Collins and Emily’s newfound friend Dawn. All the characters are likeable in this book except for Sloane’s jerkish ex boyfriend Sam. I was really happy that Emily was a likeable person since she’s the protagonist of the story. I hate reading novels with a bitchy protagonist. One main thing I liked about the novel was the message of it. You don’t need a person to define who you are. Emily grew out of her comfort zone and realized she didn’t need Sloane to be outgoing and that she can finally be herself. The ending of this book is what made me give it four stars. The ending was perfect! I love Frank and Emily! You should definitely read this book if you love somewhat predictable summer YA novels. I enjoyed it.

4/5 Stars

Read in February 2016

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