They All Fall Down

They All Fall Down by Roxanne St. Claire
I enjoyed this book a lot but at the same time I felt a little disappointed by the ending. The novel is about a teen girl named Kenzie whose life changes dramatically when her name is put on The Hotties List. Soon the girls on the list start to die one by one and Kenzie must find out what’s the cause of it before she’s next.

I predicted the killer as soon as he was introduced and I wasn’t very surprised by the plot twist. The mystery and the romance in the book wasn’t bad but the major plot twist in the book suck! I hated the whole assassin society plot and I knew it that Josh’s family was shady. I was very disappointed with the ending because it made it seem like Kenzie and her friends are going to be like secret spies trying to stop the whole assassin society. WTH….

Despite that, this book was really well written and interesting to read. I wonder if there will be a sequel.

3/5 Stars

Read in January 2016

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