Bodyshaming & Hypocrites.

Have you ever really understood what was the big deal on having a big butt? I’m pretty much known to be quite skinny and I have had my fair share of body shaming. Between being too skinny or having no shape or having no butt etc. I usually ignore comments like that but today I received a comment that kinda hurt my feelings. I was told that my butt resembled air. I don’t know why I’m upset but I just am. Why is today society so focused on girls having big butts? Doesn’t people understand that looks doesn’t make a person. When can people understand it’s shitty to body shame someone !!!

And to top it off, I have to deal with hypocrites. I’m not too big on hypocrites. I mean practice what you preach! Sometimes I get sick and tired of people trying to determine my life. Can’t I do that myself? I’m going to be seventeen in January. I’m not a little girl anymore…



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