The Maze Runner

The Maze Runner by James Dashner

*In a creepy villain voice* Welcome To The Maze! Can you survive?

I decided to read a dystopia book since I realized I’m always either reading mystery or romance. So I started reading The Maze Runner. The first chapters instantly got me hooked. The novel is about kids/teenagers living in a Glade outside a dangerous Maze full of monsters and other creepy life threatening things. Thomas new to The Glade is the main character and he is the first person to survive The Maze. He also has secrets he himself doesn’t know about and has a secret connection to the only girl in the glade- Teresa.

The book was amazing but by the end of it, I felt dissatisfied and disappointed. Most of the characters I didn’t really felt connected to. I like Thomas, Chuck, Newt, Minho and that’s it. There was many other characters but I didn’t felt connected to them. Ably was okay and Gally was annoying as hell. And Teresa? I mean I don’t hate her but I don’t really like her. I feel like they are pushing the whole Thomas/Teresa relationship throughout the middle of the book which was kinda frustrating. I was sad that Chuck died though. Why him?!! It couldn’t be Winston or Frypan?!!

Another thing that I hated was that I was really confused on who was the villains of the story. Like all the characters are test subjects in a scientific project or something? I mean that story behind why they are trapped in the glade wasn’t developed enough for me. But then again, this is first of a series, so I’m sure that part of the villains story is going to be developed.

The book was amazing but the ending is quite disappointed. The action and fighting scenes were interesting to read. But I love the book either way! I can’t wait to read The Scorch Trials soon. Not now but soon!

3/5 Stars

Read in April 2016

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