Gone by Michael Grant

Imagine one day, all the adults and everyone over fourteen disappears. Gone. Poof! War, Action and deadly animals happen.

Gone is the first of a series and it’s a really great novel. The novel features a large set of characters and one thing I love about the novel is how it focuses on different characters. My favorite character is Sam. I like how determined and brave he is. I dont really ship him with Astrid though. I also really love Diana,Edilio,Lana, Mary and John.

The novel is about a group of teens who must fend for themselves when a large dome traps them inside and all adults and everyone over the age 14 disappears. And to make things worst, some of these kids have strange powers. There’s alot of bloody and gore scenes in the novel.

While the book wasn’t bad, I really didn’t like how focused Drake was in the book. He’s a psychotic bully and he should of just die in the end. The ending ended mysterious and we all know that things between estranged twin brothers Sam and Caine are nowhere near good.

So if you like The Maze Runner, you’ll love this. Even through this is more better in my opinion. Can’t wait to read more of the book series!

3/5 Stars

Read in April 2016



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