Tips for a good school year

It’s the second month of school already! Before you know it, the year will be over. While I’m excited at the idea of 2017 ( I’ll be 17 yes!) I’m not too excited about the long months of school. So here’s my tips on having a good school year.

1- Keep to yourself. Don’t tell no one your business and you should not be involved in anyone’s drama.

2- Come to school so you don’t have to repeat any classes. I understand some days, you don’t feel like going but try to come. You really don’t want to take a class over again.

3- Relax. Don’t stress over little things and always take a breather.

4- Have fun. Do something that you like. Either hanging out with friends, family or whoever you like.

5- Pray. Pray to God that this year will be your year. No drama, just hard work 🙏🏿

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