Exit, Pursued by a Bear

Exit, Pursued by a Bear by E.K Johnston
This book was a very realistic but also strong take on sexual assault. The main character Hermione is a Highschool senior whose also a cheerleader. Her life changes when she gets raped at cheerleading camp. Now Hermione vows to live life as a survivor not a victim.

One thing that I loved about this book is that Hermione has a strong support system. She has a amazing best friend Polly, great parents, great coach and an amazing therapist. I’ve read many books with the topic about rape and I hate when a person goes through this awful thing with no support system. So it was refreshing to see Hermione have so many support and I also like how strong and determined she was. Something awful happened to her and instead of being weak, she always stayed strong and determined.

One thing I didn’t really like about the story was sometimes I kinda felt disconnected from it. Like I love most of the characters in the book but I expected a little more action. I felt like the book was a little too short. After Hermione, I have to say Polly was another amazing character. I wish I had a friend like her.

The ending of the novel was great and it left me feeling optimistic about Hermione’s future.
Read in October 2016

3/5 Stars

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