Warm Bodies

Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion
Warm Bodies is such an amazing book to read. The plot has a deep meaning and the characters were so amazing. The book is about zombie R, he lives an average zombie life but then he meets a human girl name Julie and he becomes drawn to her. R and Julie form a bond (that’s quite complicating due to the fact that R ate her boyfriend brains.) R then realizes that he wants to be human and he actually starts to become human the more he falls in love with Julie.

My favorite characters were R and Julie. R is so sweet but also badass and Julie is so funny and also badass. Her and R are amazing together and their romance is the best part of the book. I also love Nora. She brings in diversity to the book since she’s black. The book did have some action but it’s more of a romance. I enjoyed the book and the movie. The ending of the novel was great and I wonder what’s to come in the sequel that’s coming out next year.

Read in October 2016

3/5 Stars

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