The Sun Is Also A Star

The Sun Is Also A Star by Nicola Yoon
I read this book thinking it was going to be amazing and I’m happy to announce that it was amazing. In fact it was better than amazing, it was beautiful. I actually prefer this over Everything, Everything. Natasha and Daniel’s romance despite being a little cheesy was cute and so adorable. I also love the fact that the whole book takes place in NY.(fellow New Yorker here)

Natasha is a girl whose life is about to change in a couple of hours because her and her family are about to be deported back to Jamaica. Daniel is a boy whose confused about his future. Should he become a doctor to please his strict Korean parents or follow his heart? He meets Natasha by chance and falls in love with her.

The whole book takes place in one day and while I don’t really like the idea of love at first sight, Natasha and Daniel’s love story is believable. Daniel is such an amazing person and character. He and Natasha are the best parts of this book. It’s sorta predictable but the ending was not what I expected. I’m not gonna reveal any spoilers but the ending is amazing but also really realistic.

Everyone should go read this book! It has a lot of diversity and the writing is awesome!

Read in November 2016

5/5 Stars

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