We Were Liars

We Were Liars by E. Lockhart 

I wanted to like this book. I really did but by the time I was in chapter fourty I finally understood the plot of the book. It was very confusing and to make matters worst, I found most of the characters very annoying.

The novel is basically about a girl that’s trying to figure out what happened to her two summers ago. Throughout the book, Cadence pieces together what happened to her and what she finds out is shocking. The setting and the idea of the plot is really interesting and the Sinclair family are a really fascinating family despite being full of shit. It’s just that Cadence annoyed me throughout the whole book. I didn’t found her in love with Gat. I think she was just obsessed. Plus I felt like Cadence’s cousins Johnny and Mirren were not developed at all. Which sucks for me because I wanted to know more about them. Cadence spent most of her time in the book thinking or kissing and even needing Gat and I found that annoying.

Most of the book was either boring or confusing and it didn’t really get good until the ending. The plot twist in the end was really mind blowing though. I think this book would’ve worked better if it was in third person or maybe even focused on anyone but Cadence.

Read in December 2016

2/5 Stars

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