All American Boys

All American Boys by Jason Reynolds & Brendan Kiely

This book was so amazing and also so sad. I really love reading books that talks about topics that are happening today in society. Racial Discrimination and Police Brutality are big things that are happening today in society and as a African American teen, it really gets me angry and sad at how many White officers are getting away with murduring unarmed Black men and women everyday!

“All American Boys” is about two different teenage boys. One Black and the other White. Rashad the black teenager gets brutally attacked by a police officer because the officer thinks he’s stealing. Turns out Rashad is not stealing and was unarmed but he was beaten so badly that he ended up in the hospital for almost a week. Quinn the white teenager is a family friend of the cop that attacked Rashad and he’s struggling with being loyal to Guzzo (the cop) or standing up for what he believes in.

Jason Reynolds & Brendan Kiely does an amazing job at writing two realistic teenage boys and I loved how mostly everyone was on Rashad’s side. The book does have a few racist people but mostly everyone is on Rashad’s side and I love it! The ending of the book had me crying and it’s just so sad that how many cops get away with killing unarmed African American men and women!!

I love this book very much and I hate how underrated this book is. Everyone should read this book regardless of race. It really helps educate you on what’s going on out there in the world today.

Read in December 2016

5/5 Stars


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