Out Of Darkness by Ashley Hope Pérez



Rating: 3/5 Stars

Genres: Historical Fiction, Romance, YA


“This is East Texas, and there’s lines. Lines you cross, lines you don’t cross. That clear?”

New London, Texas. 1937. Naomi Vargas and Wash Fuller know about the lines in East Texas as well as anyone. They know the signs that mark them.

“No Negroes, Mexicans, or dogs.”

They know the people who enforce them.

“They all decided they’d ride out in their sheets and pay Blue a visit.”

But sometimes the attraction between two people is so powerful it breaks through even the most entrenched color lines. And the consequences can be explosive.

“More than grief, more than anger, there is a need. Someone to blame. Someone to make pay.”

My Thoughts: My thoughts on the book are kinda mixed. On one hand the writing is amazing and the characters especially Naomi are captivating and really developed. On the other hand the ending was a total disappointment.

The best part of the book had to be Naomi. Naomi is a teenage girl struggling with a lot of things. Most of the pressure is put on her and she’s forced to live with her molester stepfather and siblings Cari and Beto. I loved Naomi’s strength and how much she loves her siblings and how she’ll do anything for them. Naomi gets the most development out of most characters of the book and you can feel the pain she goes through.

The beginning of the novel was great and interesting and I couldn’t wait to read more but towards the middle things got slow and boring. I didn’t really get into Naomi and Wash love since it was so underdeveloped. One minute they were studying together and the next they were in love. I love Wash but I wish we got to see him more in the novel. I felt like he was just there for Naomi and that’s it.

Most of the characters in the book are racist as hell and unlikeable especially Naomi’s stepdad Henry who spends most of the book lusting after Naomi and trying but failing to be a good dad to his kids. I was sad that Cari died in the school expulsion but it was expected since I felt like someone important was going to die. But what I didn’t expected was Naomi and Wash getting killed by Henry. That part took placed toward the ending and I was so shocked and angry. Like I felt like that was uncalled for and Henry killing Naomi after raping her was disgusting. I was not expecting a happy jolly ending but I felt like the author could’ve made Naomi and Wash alive. And the worst part is that we barely got a reaction from Wash’s family about the death of Wash. The book just ends with a older Beto writing about what he went through.

The ending is just terrible for Beto because he lost two sisters, mom died of childbirth,  he ended up killing his dad after his dad forced him to watch him rape his sister and the guy he consider a older brother was brutally killed by his father. And did I mention that Beto is only seven?

Emoji of overall opinion on book: 😕

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