I don’t really believe in the word friends. We live in a world where everyone is all for themselves so it’s hard to determine if someone is truly your friend. I’m the type of person who keeps to themselves and I don’t tell anyone my business. It’s nice to talk to people and have acquaintances and others but I don’t see myself having a best friend since people are always disappointing me.

In other news, I need to hurry up reading Scorch Trials and City Of Bones. I’m so busy between going to school, homework, catching up on my shows, reading, plus making more time for God. So that’s why I’m not finishing reading fast enough. Does anyone have any good book recommendations? I feel wanting to read a good book with strong development and a stronger plot. The books I’m reading are good in a way but I want to read a book that’s excellent so I can give it 5 stars.

Also you guys should watch Degrassi Next Class! It covers good topics and it’s not bad at all. It’s not better than Old Degrassi with Emma/Manny but it sure as hell beats  Eli/Clare saga that was in  season 13-14 of Degrassi! My top three favorite characters is Shay, Miles & Zoe.

I’m not too excited about this year Super Bowl but whoever wins I don’t really care. But I do want Falcons to win because I’m tired of Patriots winning.

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