Ranking of Degrassi: Next Class S3 Characters

Degrassi: Next Class S3 is amazing and since I’m going through withdrawal, I decided to rank the characters from least to most favorite/importance.

20- Winston

Winston was pretty irrelevant this season. He had no storylines and barely appeared. I don’t hate Winston like the rest of the fandom does but I do wish he got some storylines. He was just there for student council and Zoe. Isn’t it weird how he didn’t speak to Miles this season? Aren’t they bffs?

19- Vijay 

I like Vijay but right now I feel like he’s a Tristan 2.0. We don’t know much about him except the fact that he’s gay, likes singing and is apart of Hunter’s gaming squad. I hope he gets some storylines next season because right now he’s not important.


This was the first season that I didn’t find Tristan annoying and I think it had to do with the fact that he’s in a coma. Due to the fact he was in a coma, Tristan didn’t do much. But now that he’s awake and recovering ,I know for a fact that they’ll focus much more on him. Hopefully he gets a better personality!


Saad seems interesting but he didn’t appear much. I think next season he’ll appear more because I want to know more about him.

16- Baaz

He and Goldi finally interacted! Finally. Baaz is not as annoying as he was before. I want to learn more about him but it’s obvious he’s jealous of Hunter. I think he has a crush on Yael.


Hunter’s boner storyline was funny! I don’t think he and Yael are a good match. He and Lola on the other hand seems better. Hunter’s only plot was his relationship with Yael. I’m happy that he’s not moody as before. I’m hoping he and Yael reach a understanding in their relationship because they seem boring together.


I love my man Tiny but they need to give him  more storylines! I ship him & Shay so hard but now he’s just there to be Shay’s boyfriend and Zig’s best friend. I want a storyline in his pov. Next season he better have one because he’s graduating.

13- Frankie

I like Frankie but this season she was just meh. She always gets the relationship plots and it’s corny now. Have her be single and give her more serious plots!


Zig actually wasn’t bad this season. Any season that Zig is not thirsting after Maya is good for me. I know he and Maya are gonna get back together next season but it was such a fresh air to see him not involved with Maya. I don’t like him and Esme together but anything is better than Zaya. The only thing I didn’t like was when he slutshamed Esme and that comment he made in class with Goldi.

11- Yael

Yael is the only person that’s really likeable in the gamer squad. I like how she’s getting some plots but her and Hunter should just break up. I think they lost their spark. I’m happy that she was there for Lola during the abortion. She seems to be a good friend.


Everyone knows that Shay is my favorite character right now but I rank her ten because she didn’t have that much important topics this season. But it’s understandable since she had a huge spotlight last season. Her and Tiny are everything and they better stay together. I love the plots she did get through. I’m lowkey excited for her rival with Esme.

9- Goldi

I’m so happy that we finally learned more about Goldi. Last season I felt like she was just there but this season I felt like I understood Goldi. Her plot about her faith was really good and I’m just so happy that she’s getting more screen time. Her friendship with Rasha is everything.

8- Jonah

I like how Jonah interacted with more people this season. I don’t like him with Frankie anymore and I don’t know if I like him with Grace. He appeared more and we learned a few things about him. I just wish he gets his solo plot that has nothing to do with girls.

7- Esme

I don’t really like Esme but she’s entertaining as hell. She finally got backstory which I’m happy about. Next season she’s going to kill her solo plot but I just wanna know why she doesn’t like Shay. Her and Zig are alright but I already know by next season, they’ll break up.

6- Grace

Grace was a great friend to Zoe this season. Plus we learned that she might not live pass ten years. One thing that I love about Grace is that she doesn’t let her sickness define her and she’s still badass. I don’t know how I feel about her and Jonah together. Can’t they just be friends?

5- Rasha

I love her. She’s so sweet and kind and her and Zoe are everything! I like how she wasn’t just Zoe’s new love interest and we learned more about her. She’s such an amazing friend and girlfriend and I can’t wait to learn more about her.


This season Miles struggled with the fact that his boyfriend Tristan was in a coma. Lonely and hurt, he bonds with Lola and they develop a friendship which quickly turns into a affair. I didn’t really like that he cheated on Tristan but I understand where he was coming from. He and Lola has a amazing bond and while I know he and Tristan are gonna be endgame, it was nice to see Miles in a relationship where the person actually understands him.


Zoe was finally happy this season. She has great friends and a great girlfriend. Her mom was still homophobic and ended up kicking her out but Zoe remained strong and fearless. I’m happy that she finally was happy this season despite having a terrible mom and I can’t wait to see what her storylines are next season.

2- Lola

I’m kinda indifferent about Lola but this was her season. She killed it in the abortion storyline and I’m happy that she didn’t get hate for having an abortion. Her and Miles had amazing chemistry. She’s better for him than Tristan ever was. I just don’t really like the way she treats Shay sometimes but I’m happy that the writers are giving her more depth.

1- Maya

Maya was one of the best things about this season. Her struggling with depression was so relatable to me since I struggled with depression in the past. Maya’s story was so beautiful and I’m glad they didn’t focus it on Zig too much. I’m tired of Zig/Maya. I hope she finds happiness next season.

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