Spring Break!

It’s finally Spring Break! Yes!!! I’m super happy to have a break from school plus it gives me the perfect opportunity to catch up on my reading and shows. I can’t believe how fast this school year is going. Like in September, I’ll be in 12th grade.

Anyway, I’m on episode 174 of Rebelde. I’ve been watching this show for a year now and Roberta and Diego are still not together 😑. I can’t wait for Summer 2017 because I have a feeling it’ll be lit. I want to go to the beach again and go bowling.

I’m just ready for the school year to end. I hope for the summer I’m not home because I hate being home for the summer.. It literally sucks. By the end of April, I’ll be working in a internship and I hope they like me so I can work permanently there.

Have a good spring break everyone and have fun!! 💫✨


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