Dancing with Molly by Lena Horowitz

Genre: YA Fiction, Realistic Fiction

Rating: 1/5 ⭐️


Before, I was never the life of the party. I was the reliable one. The one no one had to worry about. The one no one had to think about. I was the one that everyone could ignore.

Until that night, when everything changed and I finally became someone.

Someone special.

Someone noticeable.

Someone Carson might actually care about, as much as I cared about him.

But the cost of being someone is more than anyone can imagine. For every moment, there’s a price to pay. For every party. For every choice made. For every kiss.

Ultimately, living a life of PURE ECSTASY might be no different from not living at all.


My Thoughts. Warning: Slight Spoilers ⚠️

Honestly, this book would’ve been much better if the main character wasn’t so unlikeable and ungrateful. She basically complains about everything and how her parents love her younger sister Ashley more than her. But throughout the book both her parents showed love and affection to both of them.

Most of the characters in the book were so unlikeable. The main character friends were terrible and enablers to her drug addiction. The book was also boring because there was no depth about the real dangers of doing Molly until the end when an important character dies.

Crank by Ellen Hopkins covers the same topic as this book but it’s written much better and actually covers the dangers of drug use in depth.




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