This is how my book ratings system are.

5 Stars- I loved everything about the book! Writing was amazing, characters was well developed and the plot was amazing! I had a blast reading it and now I’m still thinking about it even through I finished reading it. Flawless book!

4 Stars- I enjoyed the book very much. The characters and plot was interesting and the writing was strong. There’s a few things I’m not happy with but the book is still amazing and I enjoyed it very much!

3 Stars- Good plot and good characters but there’s some things that annoyed me. Enjoyable and I like it but  I kinda wished more could of happen in the book. But it was still a fun book to read!

2 Stars- Didn’t really enjoy it at all. Disappointing, annoying characters and an annoying plot. I usually rate a book 2 Stars because even though I didn’t like it, there’s a few things in that that I sorta liked.

1 Star- Trash, Crap, and Terrible! Terrible plot, undeveloped and terrible characters. Bored throughout the book and was actually relieved when finishing reading it.